YFCO was founded in 2018 in the Republic of Yemen to supply the market with Urea and Ammonia. YFCO is strongly committed to operating its assets safely, efficiently and in an environmentally responsible manner to produce high quality Product.

Continuing with its commitment to excellence, YFCO aims to be the best producer of urea in the world, driving towards a greener earth.

YFCO's fertilizer product are:

  • Ammonia
  • Urea



Is a chemical compound made of Nitrogen 82% and Hydrogen 18%. It is produced using Natural gas as the primary feedstock. The other feeds required are Steam and Air. These feed materials undergo a series of reactions in the ammonia plant before ammonia is produced in gaseous form. The gaseous ammonia is converted into liquid under pressure and cooling down. Ammonia is stored at a temperature of minus 33 deg centigrade in an especially refrigerated ammonia storage tank. A significant part of the ammonia produced in YFCO plant is consumed internally, as feedstock for the Urea plants. The surplus ammonia is exported.



Urea is a solid fertilizer containing 46.6% of Nitrogen. The urea produced in solution is turned into a solid fertilizer of spherical granules or prilles, in the final section of urea plant.

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