HESS is one of the foundations of all of our business activities. Our internal and external stakeholders - from employees, leaders and contract partners to our customers and our communities – expect and demand that we excel in protection of human health, environment, safety and security. Excellence in HESS requires commitment, a supportive culture, and systems and processes that enable everyone working within and alongside YFCO to meet this expectation. The main elements of our HESS programs are explained in more detail below.


  • Corrective Maintenance
  • Application Modernization
  • Application Enhancement
  • Migration Services



Culture is a critical factor within any organization. Without the right culture, no organization can achieve its goals and ambitions, even with excellent processes and systems. That is why YFCO strives to promote a culture where HESS excellence is owned, valued and inherent in everything we do, so that HESS is a core value for everyone involved. YFCO is expected to reinforce its commitment to an incident-free workplace by ensuring that every activity is subject to strict HESS risk management principles and procedures, conducted with the extreme care and compliance even if this implies more time and effort.


YFCO is committed to maintaining the highest Environment, Health, Safety & Security (HESS) standards throughout the organization. To inspire this mindset in everyone who works for or with YFCO. In keeping with this ambition, we also believe in prompt, full and transparent reporting of any non-compliance with our requirements and obligations, which drives our efforts and journey towards HESS improvement.


Clear and comprehensive HESS risk management systems are necessary to ensure that everyone understands and consistently implements the actions and procedures necessary to achieve HESS excellence. To this end, YFCO is developing healthy environmental, safety and security management system for all YFCO production and commercial facilities and operations. The foundation and core principles of HESSMS are to:
  • Provide safe, stable, and compliant operation
  • Minimize environmental impact
  • Go beyond compliance
  • Identify and appropriately manage risks
  • Ensure hard, perfect security and crisis management systems
  • Guarantee good relationships with the communities in which we operate


YFCO Management reviews of HESS performance are conducted periodically by senior leaders and across all levels of the organization and are key to program success for both compliance and performance. The following items, amongst others, are reviewed periodically:
  • Follow up on expectations when you say you are going to
    • Be consistent with accountability.
    • Be willing to proclaim that something needs to be done
    • Make positive choices or decisions to act.
    • Think deeply about the consequences of each choice.
    • Set high expectations for yourself and your team.
    • Conduct a meeting to follow up actions and results.
    • Completion of corrective actions.


    Our mission is to deliver superior returns by operating at low cost and at an acceptable level of risk.


    YFCO and its affiliates are committed to operate facilities safely and responsibly, continuously improving programs to promote safety and minimize employee and contractor injuries and illnesses.


    A Clean Environment Is Essential for Healthy Living. YFCO aim is to meet applicable environmental regulatory requirements. Our environmental management system attractions upon the best practices from all regions, establishing an environmental protection baseline standard to which national and/or local regulation may add.


    Our water program includes assurance of waste water effluent streams, so they are properly characterized, permitted and are compliant with discharge requirements. Waste water management processes focus on upstream contaminant reduction in addition to effluent treatment. These plans outline measures, such as inspections, secondary containment, and spill prevention, to minimize the discharge of pollutants. Training is provided to personnel through general awareness training modules in addition to site-specific training. We recognize the importance of water resources and pursue water usage reduction efforts across our business.


    Where waste is created, we seek to recycle any residual material. Elements of our waste management program include effective and compliant waste identification, segregation, packaging, labelling, storage and transportation. All of our sites are encouraged to prevent, reuse, recycle and/or recover/reclaim materials prior to identifying disposal as the appropriate waste path.


    YFCO is comply with national government specified limits for emissions to the air. Therefore, these limits requires specific expertise, infrastructure and focus on often complex regulations. Processes and emissions control system is monitoring all the emissions to ensure that air emissions remain below permitted limits.


    YFCO is using barriers to protect soil and groundwater where it is required. Our HESSMS is monitoring of system integrity and consideration of systems for groundwater monitoring wells based upon risk.


    At YFCO, we are committed to ensuring that the Security and Crisis Management function is a core competence of our business. A key feature of this risk management system is the continual identification and assessment of security risks, with management and mitigation measures designed to reduce those risks to levels as low as reasonably possible. Critical security risks include terrorism, sabotage, workplace violence, intellectual property theft and the safety of our travelling employees. We recognize the importance of effectively managing HESS-related incidents and other potential crises that may occur. YFCO has a crisis management system, delivered through management teams. These teams, and our facilities are supported by routine training and testing to ensure awareness.